Container Swivel wheel 2.2T capacity


Swivel Container wheel / castor with capacity of 2.2T :

  • 1 x Swivel heavy duty fabricated steel castor fitted with twin polyurethane tread cast iron wheels
  • 1 x steel mountingplate fixed to the wheel

Our heavy duty container castors enable freight containers to be moved quickly & easily without the use of expensive equipment such as cranes, gantries or side loading fork lift trucks.

The castors are supplied complete with special adaptor plates with lock positively by means of a quick action lever into the corner block incorporated into all ISO freight containers.

How much load can ISO container castors bear?

Please note that irregular surfaces and rough terrain increase the peak-load on a single wheel. For the calculation of the required load capacity, we advise dividing the total load of the cargo+the container weight by a factor 2.5.

Calculation example:
Shipping container weight 800KG + cargo load in the shipping container 4700KG = total weight 5500KG

5500 / 2.5 = 2200KG required load capacity per container castors


drawing swivel wheel

drawing mounting plate

Product feature

  • Container Swivel wheel 2.2T capacity
  • 1 Mounting plate, 1 Swivel wheel
  • 2.2T per wheel / 8.8T per set
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Quantity based pricing table

Min Max Unit Price
2 2  445.00
3 4  435.00
5 6  425.00
7 And more.  415.00